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Winning $10,000 would definitely be a game-changer. You could get caught up on bills, buy a new car, or go on a nice vacation. The opportunities are endless.

If you won $10,000, there's a lot of really cool stuff that you could do without leaving Montana. Last week on the MY 103.5 Facebook page, we asked you how you would spend $10,00 in Montana and we received some great responses.

  • Shana said, Repaint our house.
  • Sherry said, "We need a garage, so right there."
  • Mandy siad, "A fence for our yard and a trip to glacier have lived here my whole life and never been."
  • Lisa said, "Pay off some Bills...finish the basement."
  • Talisha said, "Down payment on a house."
  • Debbie said, "Trip and bills."
  • Smitty said, "Buy a car or have cement patio extended with new outdoor furniture."

Honestly, it wouldn't be hard to figure out how to spend $10,000 in Montana, To help you out, we put together a list of 10 ways to spend $10,000 in Montana.

Here's What You Could Buy If You Won $10,000

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