Apparently not EVERYONE is moving here, buying a vacation house here or even returning here ever again. We found some detailed "one star" reviews of Bozeman and these disgruntled people did NOT mince words. is a website that helps people get a feel for towns before they move there. People can leave reviews of 1 to 5 stars based on their experience if they've visited a town or lived there.

Of course, we wanted to read the super bad reviews about Bozeman. Below you'll find excerpts from only the one-star reviews but most of the two-star reviews weren't much better. WITH THAT SAID, Bozeman was reviewed in overwhelmingly positive terms although the cost of housing was a constant theme.

(Please note that any spelling errors are those of the original poster of the quotes below.)

  • "Bozeman is an overrated town full of fake, stuck up jerks who want your money. People in Bozeman look down on you. It is overrun by people who are raising the housing costs to absolutely ridiculous level. I'm talking that of a 1 million plus population city. The city doesn't plow the roads in the winter, no diversity, barley any jobs for most of the citizens and crap housing."
  • "There is hardly any nightlife scene unless you like drinking 24/7."
  • "Everybody here is also passive aggressive as hell and usually buys a house that they wont even live in half the year for way too much money."
  • "This is not a good place to live or visit contrary to what is presented here. I am of ethnic descent and felt like an alien here."
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  • "It has changed from a friendly cow-town to a pretentious over-rated place. Local wages do not allow for the average Montana paid family to survive, let alone buy a house"
  • "If you are a senior by yourself don't go to Bozeman. Public transportation is a nightmare. Taxi drivers are outlaws. If you are poor Bozemans attitude is you are a lower form of life. The only thing that matters is money here. It takes years to get into decent HUD housing."
  • "The weather here is always cold and snowy. The roads never feel safe to travel on especially in the city limits. Prepare to wear a coat for 10 months out of the year."


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