I think Bozeman needs to lighten up. But as a long-time Bozeman resident, decent citizen, frustrated tax-payer, and proud Montana State alum, I can see both sides of this issue—one I never gave a sneeze about in years past.

UPDATE: Per the Rocking R Bar Facebook page AND a phone call I had with Mike Hope, the owner of the R Bar: "The Rocking R Bar worked out a deal with the Athletic Department prior to the game. The Athletic Department and MSU is out nothing! There was no vandalism!This team will be now memorialized in the Rocking R History. Go Cats!"

Actually, I don't remember anyone EVER finger-waving about this tradition until now. It's something that has happened (occasionally) for decades after Cat-Griz turned out well for Bozeman. It's all in good fun, right?

Wrong. The removal of the goalpost from Bobcat Stadium to have it turn up in much loved local establishment was received really negatively online. The reactions were indeed practical, but surprising to me.

Not once over the years did I concern myself with a goalpost occasionally being removed by thrilled fans. (Hell, there might even be an arrangement between Montana State and some downtown business supporters regarding a Cat-Griz game goalpost. I couldn't get any MSU officials to verify that over the weekend, however.)

Is it "vandalism"? I guess so IF the goal post was literally torn down. (I'm not entirely sure that was the case here.) But perhaps it's 'acceptable enthusiasm' for the sake of celebration, tradition, and posterity. We'll be talking about this Cat-Griz win for years to come. Are pieces of the Montana State goalpost in a few local bars going to hurt anybody? Hell, no. Am I disappointed that everyone seems to think it's some disgraceful act of rebellion? Yeah. I am. This tradition doesn't bother me one bit and I think people should lighten up.

The picture below of a piece of a goalpost came from The R Bar's Facebook page. I'm not exactly sure WHO brought in the goalpost, but clearly, this is just one piece of it. The Rocking R Bar has been a HUGE Montana State Bobcat supporter over the years and TO ME, this picture screams 'school spirit', not vandalism.

Some online comments include:

  • "Vandalism disguised as school spirit…"
  • "You should not take MSU property. It costs too much college money to replace."
  • "Just, why??"
  • "Why do we do this to our school? Get over it. We won the brawl. Put the trophy away for the year and get ready for playoffs."
  • "Please return to the college"
  • "This is a shame"
  • "It's vandalism as others will have to pay for it."

Did these negative people have ANY fun in college? I mean, shouldn't we be way more concerned about violent post-game fights or drunk driving on Cat-Griz Weekend? Stop worrying about the goalpost...this past weekend is the most united I've seen Bozeman in years.

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