As we welcome 2023, we wanted to look at some great opportunities to explore Big Sky country this year.

Adventure Begins
Photo by Freddy Kearney on Unsplash

Montana is a huge state. In fact, it's the fourth-largest state in the country. There definitely isn't a shortage of new things to explore. If you have a few things to check off of your Montana bucket list in 2023, you need to start planning soon.

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Winter weather can make travel difficult in Montana, but there's nothing quite like spending a summer in the Treasure State. Temperatures rarely exceed 100 degrees in western Montana during the summer months, and things usually stay nice and green due to the annual snowfall and precipitation the state receives.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

-John A. Shedd

The quote above has always been something that I've lived by. It's a reminder to be adventurous and take risks. To experience new things and grow as a person, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Photo by Chris Cordes on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Cordes on Unsplash

Each year, I pull out a map and pick a place in Montana that I want to explore. It not only gives me the opportunity to explore more of our beautiful state, but it also gives me something to look forward to. In 2023, my plan is to explore the Pryor Mountain Range south of Billings. I've heard many stories about the beauty of the Pryor Mountains, so I figured I would finally go see them for myself.

Western Montana gets a lot of praise because of its incredible mountain ranges, but there's a lot to explore in eastern Montana as well.

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