If you live in Montana, you should consider yourself lucky. There aren't many states that compare. The last thing you want to do is take it for granted. Sure. there may be certain things about the state that need improvement, but don't waste your time complaining. Instead, take a look at why you're lucky to call Montana home.

Housing costs keep going up in Montana, and property taxes are at an all time high, but living in Montana is still much cheaper than states like Washington or California. According to Forbes, Montana doesn't even rank in the top 15 when is comes to home prices. In fact, it's more expensive to live in Wyoming.

Lucky in Montana

If you spend much time on social media, you've most likely seen people complaining about Montana and how much it has changed. From the homeless population to housing costs, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Regardless of how much has changed, Montana will always be one of the best states in America. Every time I visit a new state, I'm reminded of how special Montana is, and I can't wait to come back home.

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Don't listen to all of the negativity you see online. Most of those people are just grumpy and unhappy with their lives, so they decide to complain about it to see if they can get a reactions. It's actually very sad.

Honestly, how can you complain about living in Montana? Every state has problems, but Montana has a lot less than most other states. If you're unhappy, maybe you should move to a state that suits you better.  Instead of spreading negativity, we wanted to highlight a few of the reasons why you're lucky to call Montana home.

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