There's an old saying that goes "If you're lucky enough to live in Montana, you're lucky enough." The beauty and splendor of wide open spaces and rugged mountain terrain make the state unique and unlike any other place in the country. If you want to live the American dream, Montana is about as close as you can get. Here are a few things that make the state so special.

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Sure, Montana may have a few problems, but honestly, what state doesn't? The thought of buying a home in the state can be daunting, especially considering the inflated housing market, but in Montana, you get more bang for your buck than most other states.

A few years ago, I drove from Bozeman to Kansas City, Missouri. In case you're wondering, there's not much to see once you leave Montana. The midwest is completely flat, and the drive couldn't be any more boring. It was great to visit new places that I'd never been to before, but I couldn't wait to get back to Montana. The mountains were what I missed the most.

According to a ranking of the best states by U.S. News, Montana ranks #25, but we're fairly certain that whoever put that list together doesn't know what they're talking about. Seriously, how can any state be considered better than Montana? The numbers just don't add up.

Welcome to Montana
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Why is Montana the Best State in America?

Montana is full of rivers, streams, and lakes with crystal-clear water which is another thing that makes it better than most other places. Rivers in many states are murky, muddy, and gross.

Montana is the fourth largest state in America, but it's also one of the least populated. If you need to get off the grid and clear your head, it's not difficult to get away from other people. Summer temperatures in Montana typically stay far below much of the country. It might get hot on occasion in Montana, but it's nothing compared to states like Arizona and Texas. If you're not a fan of dealing with humidity, Montana is the place for you.

Most of Montana stays lush and green throughout the year due to the abundance of winter snowfall. If there's one negative side to living in Montana, it's the long harsh winters and subzero temperatures.

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