November 12th and 13th The skies are pondering and the clouds commiserate, the mercury drops and we all look up. Yes my friends, winter is coming.

The mountains are a beautiful and powerful force in these here parts, and if your britches get to tingling like a union suit full of Icy Hot when the fluffy white deluge begins, then the force is with you. Facing up to another season of deep snow and stupendous adventure requires preparation (quitting your job, pawning your TV, stocking up on Captain Morgan and PBR). Preparations like these will ensure your season is idyllic, filled with mallow and fudge, but some preparations should not be taken so lightly.

This season, take the time to learn yourself on the latest and greatest in avalanche safety, take the time to check out Avalaunch. Avalaunch is a movement of people spreading avalanche awareness, providing avalanche knowledge and praying for the mightiest of dumps through libation and fire! The festival itself kicks off on Wednesday the 11th of November when the Avalaunch Lounge opens. Bozeman’s first Bike and Ski Lounge; a 900 sq. ft workshop/lounge in the rear of Wild Joe’s Coffee House located at 18 West Main Street in downtown Bozeman. Workbenches and professional grade tools will be available free of charge to Wild Joe’s customers who wish to maintain their own gear. The Bike and Ski Lounge will also offer a variety of equipment, skills and mountain safety clinics, movie screenings and musical entertainment. Entrance to the lounge can be made from Main street or through the alley behind the store, which should be used when bringing in equipment.

Other Avalaunch activities will take place on November 12th and 13th including classroom sessions and backcountry panels at the C’mon Inn, Level 1 Film Premiers at the Procrastinator Theatre, parties and concerts in Downtown Bozeman, and a Base Camp at Bridger Bowl. More info can be found at as the event approaches.

AVALAUNCH is a synergistic celebration of winter lifestyle in the mountain west that integrates mountain safety education with the culture, fashion, gear and arts that define mountain life.

via AVALAUNCH: the mountain safety arts and culture festival | Bozeman Magazine.