This Mexican restaurant is a Bozeman icon and is beloved by not only locals but many folks who visit our city year-round. 

The El Rodeo Taco Truck has been a staple of Bozeman for so many years now and is one of the most popular places to get Mexican food in the Gallatin Valley. El Rodeo first started as a taco bus in the Dollar Spree parking lot off of Main Street, and they became so popular they opened their first brick and mortar spot in the Gallatin Valley Mall. 

With the Dollar Spree being sold, the El Rodeo Taco Truck has now located on 7th Avenue right next to Access Fitness. Who wouldn't want to get a burrito or tacos after a great workout? That's a reward in our book. The thing is, El Rodeo will be opening another location in Bozeman very soon!

El Rodeo will be opening another standstill location right off Main Street in the old I-Ho's Korean Grill spot. If you don't remember, I-Ho's Korean Grill moved to downtown Bozeman last month and is still setting up shop. 

What we are wondering is with El Rodeo having two locations so close together, will they be closing the other brick and mortar spot in the Gallatin Valley Mall, or is this just another opportunity for them? Either way, I am excited because that gives all of us another spot here in Bozeman to grab delicious Mexican food from an icon of Bozeman. 

We will try to find out more information about this new location but until then, check out the El Rodeo Taco Truck on 7th and their site in the Gallatin Valley Mall. 

Also, keep an eye on El Rodeo's Facebook page too. 

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