There's nothing quite like a good donut, and if you're crazing some glazed goodness, you're in luck. That's because one of the best donut shops in the entire country is right here in Montana. Honestly, the donuts are so good, that you might need to plan a road trip just to stock up.

One of the great things about donuts is their variety. You can get anything from a plain cake donut to glazed, or jelly or cream-filled. Your options are pretty much endless when it comes to donuts. You can find donuts at most grocery stores, but if you're looking for the best donuts, you need to head to an actual donut shop.

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If you're looking for the best donuts in Montana, we've got you covered. 24/7 Wall St. released a list of the best donut shops in each state, and we totally agree with their pick for Montana.

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What is the Best Donut Shop in Montana?

The best donut shop in Montana is somewhat of a hidden gem. Many people don't know it exists, but it's a popular place for locals in the Bozeman area. So, what donut shop is it?

Granny's Gourmet Donuts near the Montana State University campus in Bozeman was named the best donut shop in Montana, and we couldn't agree more! The donuts are made fresh every day, and the donut shop is locally owned. If you want to get your hands on one of the delicious donuts, you better show up early. They usually sell out fast. Here's a video about the owner Robert McWilliams who has been making donuts in Bozeman for over 22 years.

Granny's Gourmet Donuts is located at 3 Tai Lane in Bozeman, Montana.

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