A popular donut shop in Montana has been included on a list of the best donut shops in America. If you're craving a maple bar or bear claw, look no further.

Tasty Donuts

Donuts are the ultimate comfort food, and Montana is home to a variety of great places to go if you're looking for delicious sweet treat. One donut shop has earned national recognition for taking donuts to the next level.

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Whether you prefer a classic glazed donut, or something a little out of the ordinary, there's one place in Montana that locals are raving about. People literally stand in line waiting for the shop to open to indulge in one of the unique flavor combinations that the business is known for. You may be able to find donuts at grocery stores like Albertsons and Smith's, but they don't compare to what you'll find at this popular locally-owned donut shop.


Taste of Home just released its list of the best donut shops in every state, and their pick for Montana is more than deserving of the title. To be honest, we weren't surprised to see this popular donut shop included on the list. Before we reveal the best donut shop in the state, here's what the website said about their selection for Montana.

What started as the only doughnut shop in town has become a statewide favorite. The shop makes more than a thousand doughnuts each day, finishing them off with sweet toppings such as jam and fresh strawberries.

In case you're wondering, we're talking about Granny's Gourmet Donuts in Bozeman, Montana. If you're looking for a great donut, you need to stop by. Make sure to show up early, because the donuts usually sell out fast.

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