One of the many things Montana is known for its wildlife. You literally can't go anywhere in the state without encountering some kind of wild animal. As a result, hunting is incredibly popular and each year, Montana residents gear up in anticipation for hunting season.

The Corral - Gardiner

The good news is, you don't have to be a hunter in order to enjoy the delicious taste of wild game meat like elk and bison. Several restaurants throughout Montana have dishes on their menus that include elk and bison meat, such as burgers and steaks.

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One of the reasons why elk meat is so popular is that it is healthier for you than beef. It's lower in fat and cholesterol. In addition to being more lean and tender, it's also known for its unique flavor. Elk burgers are known as Montana's tastiest fast food creation, and there's a good reason for that. There aren't many states where you can get a quality elk burger, but fortunately for us, you can find them all over Montana.

Where to Get the Best Elk Burger in Montana?

As mentioned above, you can find a good elk burger at a lot of different restaurants in Montana, but there's one restaurant that has earned a reputation for serving up the best in the state. According to Trip Advisor, the best place to go if you're craving a fresh juicy elk burger is The Corral in Gardiner, Montana. The bison burgers at The Corral are also a popular choice.

The Corral

The Boulder Creek Lodge in Hall, Montana was named the best place for an elk burger by USA Today. Sounds like there's some stiff competition in Montana. Where's your favorite place to get an elk burger? Send us an app chat on our radio station app, and let us know about it!

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