Not everyone can break the bank for a meal, but sometimes a restaurant is worth the price. 

Some restaurants in Montana will make you dig deep in those pockets and break out the big bucks—but which pricey restaurants are really worth it? We've discussed what Montana's most expensive restaurants are, but which one gives you the best bang for that big buck? 

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Eat This, Not That made a list of The Best Expensive Restaurant in Every State, and Montana's choice was one of our most legendary dining destinations: The Keep in Missoula. 

The Keep Restaurant via Facebook
The Keep Restaurant via Facebook

The Keep is a staple for anniversaries, birthdays, and special celebrations. The menu is impeccable, with incredible seafood, like potato-crusted halibut, and for steak lovers, an awesome ribeye. 

The Keep in Missoula is a restaurant that you should venture out and try one day. My parents have gone there the past few years for their wedding anniversary and rave about the service and the food. 

If you don't want to travel to Missoula, we have some fantastic restaurants in the Bozeman area that are also upscale but worth the price. 

One spot we would throw out is Horn & Cantle up in Big Sky. They have high prices, but their food quality is top-tier. The Horn & Cantle menu is constantly changing and currently has an Elk Chop and a massive Tomahawk ribeye. Both of these meals are making my mouth water thinking about them. 

Horn and Castle via Facebook
Horn and Castle via Facebook

One restaurant in the Bozeman area that will make you feel like royalty is South 9th Bistro. We don't have many places in Montana that serve French cuisine, but South 9th Bistro is a restaurant worth every penny. The steaks are some of the best I've eaten since moving to Bozeman. 

If you want to show someone a great time and have a fantastic meal, you should venture to one of these spots—if you've got a little extra money to spend.

For more details, check out Eat This, Not That

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