Nothing is more soothing to watch than seeing the beauty of Montana's landscape while a delicious meal is being cooked.

Who doesn't love a good cooking show? Shows like the Great British Baking Show, Masterchef, Guy's Grocery Games, and more entice viewers with incredible food and fun personalities. Everyone I know has a favorite cooking show they watch religiously, which makes sense.

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Cooking shows are meant to be soothing and help the viewer feel at ease. I love cooking competition shows, but that's just me. Then I found out about one cooking show that combined the beauty of Montana's scenery and fantastic food and was immediately hooked.

Photo by Conscious Design via Unsplash
Photo by Conscious Design via Unsplash

I was trying to find something to watch on the streaming service Max and came upon a cooking show with a world-renowned chef cooking delicious food that is set in Montana.

That show is Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia.

Eduardo Garcia brings friends from all over to experience the place he calls home and enjoy delicious food using local ingredients. Eduardo Garcia is a unique chef because he has a prosthetic arm after a hunting accident, but that doesn't stop him from making incredibly delicious food.

Most cooking shows are set in a studio or one fixed location, whereas Big Sky Kitchen is set in Montana and shows off the beautiful land where most of the ingredients for his food come from.

chefeduardogarcia via Instagram
chefeduardogarcia via Instagram

This past weekend I might have binged watched the entire first season, and I can't wait to start watching the second season. The food Eduardo creates is gorgeous and looks extremely tasty. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a meal with this incredible human being?

It's not often we see cooking shows of this level set and filmed in Montana, and this is one you will get addicted to.

For more details, check out Big Sky Kitchen.

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