With all the innovation and new perks, there is only a certain kind of people who can afford to go here every year.

If you haven't seen this article yet but the New York Times did a whole spotlight on Big Sky Resort, and how even though it's expensive, they might be the future of skiing. The article describes how Big Sky Resort has the largest area for skiing, how the resort has added these new lifts, and their plans for the future.

Plus, the New York Times also talks about Montage Big Sky, the first-ever five-star luxury hotel built in Montana. Another luxury hotel is on the way as well up on Big Sky Resort to increase more excitement. 

The problem with this New York Times article as even though it points out that Big Sky Resort is magnificent and has many perks going for the mountain, and has impressive plans for the future, locals aren't big fans of Big Sky Resort. 

One of the crucial issues is the cost of passes at Big Sky Resort. If you are a day pass kind of person, you will be spending at least $190. Plus, a day pass doesn't include rides on the tram, which will cost you extra. 

Locals aren't fans of Big Sky Resort because it's become a resort, not for everyday skiers but tourists. Montage Big Sky's cheapest room is around $1,500, and season passes would break the bank. 

If you are new to the area and love skiing or snowboarding and don't want to spend thousands of dollars on Big Sky Resort, several other options are relatively close, including Bridger Bowl

For more details, check out the New York Times

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