Just thinking about devouring a 78-ounce steak would give most people a bad case of meat sweats, but a select few have actually attempted to conquer the biggest food challenge in Montana.

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Montana is known for its exceptionally high-quality beef, and there are fantastic steak houses scattered throughout the state. Fun fact, cows outnumber humans in Montana. It's true. Look it up.

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Back in 2017, the popular TV show Man vs. Food visited Billings, Montana. The episode highlighted the Bull Mountain Grille, and the restaurant's impressive one-hour steak challenge featuring a 78-ounce rib eye and two pounds of mashed potatoes, salad, and bread. For reference, the average weight of a ribeye steak is 9-12 oz. Consuming 78 ounces of meat would require some serious preparation.

Since the episode aired, many people have visited Bull Mountain Grille in an attempt to eat the literal mountain of meat. Many have tried, but most have failed. According to the restaurant's website, here's a description of the food challenge.

This epic challenge consists of a 78oz Ribeye: just two ounces shy of five pounds! Challengers must finish the entire steak (yep, that means all of the marbling too) along with a heaping side of loaded mashed potatoes, garden salad & a Bull Mountain dinner roll. The Ribeye cannot be prepared to a temperature above medium. Sound easy?  The meal in its entirety must be completed in one hour. Sixty minutes that's it! Winners will receive the entire meal for free & earn (well-earned) a spot on our "Wall Of Fame". The losers? Well, that much beef carries a hefty price tag, $150 to be exact, and their mug shot gets added to the list of other failed competitors to our "Wall Of Shame".

Bull Mountain Grille

Seriously, it's almost five pounds of meat. Sound like an easy way to give yourself a heart attack. If you don't want to travel to Billings to attempt the challenge, here are a few great steakhouses to check out in Montana.

Finding a great steak in Montana isn't a difficult task. After all, we live in meat country!

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