Jeopardy! has been seeing a really strong run of champions lately - most recently, a woman named Mattea Roach won 23 games in a row, amassing a total of over $500,000, before finally being bested last Friday. Either people are getting smarter, or the game is getting easier.

(I have taken the Jeopardy! Online Quiz to try to be on the show multiple times, and I can confirm that the game is NOT getting any easier. Still waiting on that call, ABC.)

Even if you don't win, it's pretty impressive just to get on the show - and recently, a Billings musician ended up one of Jeopardy's three contestants.

Have You Ever Wanted to Compete on Jeopardy?

I would love to be a contestant on Jeopardy! - and like I said, I've tried to get on there a few times now. I'd love to be able to win it too, but I'd mostly be going for the experience. My Jeopardy! run would probably go something like this.

Recently, Joey Lavarias, a musician who plays bassoon for the Billings Symphony ended up a contestant on Jeopardy!. He's actually a North Carolina native, working on his PhD in Music at the University of North Carolina. But, he flies into Billings whenever the Billings Symphony performs in concert.

Here's a clip of him performing on Jeopardy!

Joey may have finished in second place, but he may not be done with Jeopardy! yet - his Twitter page shows that he's actively campaigning to be a part of the Jeopardy! Second Chances Tournament. Think he'll make the cut?

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