Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat...and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

We all know how much Bozeman loves Montana State University. We all know MSU is the heart of the valley and even though, you can take the Bobcat out of Bozeman, you can't take Bozeman out of the Bobcat

The Montana State University Alumni Foundation is always working hard to support their mission, which is "cultivate lifelong relationships and secure private support to advance Montana State University".

It's an impressive mission, but MSU Alumni are impressive people. Especially when you think about the wide reach that Alumni have across the world. Think about this, Montana State University Alumni represent all 50 states, plus 103 countries. Throw in the fact that thousands will be returning this week for Homecoming and you're bound to see a whole lot of Bobcat Spirit all around Bozeman.

All week long Alumni can be a part of the Bobcat Family Reunion and one of the really cool things you can do is be part of the Homecoming Socially Distanced Selfies. Just stop by the MSU Alumni Foundation building and take a picture with the yard sign, plus you might even win some Bobcat Swag!

Photo by Townsquaremedia
Photo by Townsquaremedia

Thursday brings a Career Fair over at Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. Employers from across the United States will be gathered to showcase their professions. If you want more information on the Career Fair, click here. Both Thursday and Friday, will bring different Homecoming Awards Ceremonies. For a look at the schedule of those ceremonies, click here.

Of course, the Pep Rally on Friday evening downtown will be a huge event, as well as the parade the next day, and of course the game on Saturday which kicks off at 2 pm against Cal Poly.

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