One of the first online options for "buy and sell", Craigslist. I remember looking on Craigslist for jobs, free animals, and events going on. Now this was years ago, before Facebook groups took over the internet.

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As I am scrolling through Bozeman's Craigslist, I can not help but see some sections that are a bit, how do I say, strange. Now don't get me wrong, there are still your typical sections, cars for sale, housing, jobs, etc. But my eyes go to a few different sections, one for example is called "missed connections". So I click on it. WOW...ok so this is an area where you can basically write to someone you saw somewhere, maybe you were too shy to say hi, in hopes of them seeing the add. As I click on another one, I realize there is no censorship in these ads and how you describe the "missed connection" is totally an open forum.

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Next I click on "activities". I am thinking, "Ok lets see what is going on locally!" NOPE. This is not the type of "activities" I was looking for! Now don't get me wrong, there were a couple of people legit looking for acceptable activities, but most, not so much.

I decide to move on. I go to "Forum". I click Vegan, a huge ad, that is highly inappropriate, pops up. For real?! I can not help but wonder who monitors these sites. I know Facebook is overly sensitive, but smh Craigslist! Lets get back to the world of buy and sell, where there are actual products and services offered, that are not explicit.

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