If you're a parent, you've probably been there. You're out, your kid has a "blowout" and you're caught totally unprepared.

Someone in Bozeman totally gets it. That's why she (we assume she's a she based on the note) felt compelled to leave a care package at the Smith's grocery store to help other mamas stuck in the same situation.

A package, containing several diapers of varying sizes, was left along with a handwritten note in the women's restroom at the local grocery store. Thoughtfully left above the changing table, the note read:

Hey! I know most busy moms can level w/ me here & say we have all had a time or two when you're in such a rush to get things done & you walk out the door without checking the diaper bag, or worse, leave without it completely! Then, dumb-luck, 'The Poopening' happens & you're left without supplies to handle this disaster! Take what you need & leave the rest for the next stressed out mom!

While the identity of the diaper fairy remains a mystery, the gesture is gaining attention on Facebook after another mom found the care package and posted about it in the "Bozeman Parents" Facebook group.

Destini Davis snapped two pictures and said this about her discovery [sic]:

So I walk in to the restroom at Smith's the other day ( my favorite store ) and I see this it made me most up now that may be cause I'm pregnant lol but it's so precious I have left the diapers at home before and you have that one blow out then I take off the diaper and pray we make it home before another is needed these things happen and whoever did this is truly sweet <3 thank you I hope she sees this

Davis said she doesn't know who left it and she didn't need to use any of the diapers herself at the time, but she hopes the person who left it sees her post and understands how wonderful she thinks the gesture is.

As a mom myself, I've got to say, this is amazing. A "blowout, "The Poopening," whatever you call it can happen anytime, anywhere, and usually when you're least prepared. It's like our babies know we forgot to pack what we'd need so they pull a little practical joke on us. So thank you, Bozeman's diaper fairy! I think I speak for all Bozeman mamas when I say you're awesome!

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