The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is reporting that 54-year-old William Hutton appeared in federal court in Missoula, Thursday, to face charges of destruction of government property and attempted destruction of government property. He pleaded not guilty.

Investigators say Hutton tried to destroy federal property by ramming his vehicle into the Bozeman post office, Monday, on Babcock Street.


Bozeman police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened late Monday afternoon in downtown Bozeman.

Just after 4 p.m., a man crashed a vehicle into the front door of the federal building on Babcock Street, which also contains the downtown post office.

Jim Veltkamp of the Bozeman Police Department says local and federal law enforcement officials are still speaking with witnesses and combing through evidence in order to determine whether the crash was intentional or not.

According to Veltkamp, at least one witness told investigators that they believe the crash may have been intentional based on how the vehicle approached the building and then ultimately hit a glass door just off Babcock. Veltkamp stresses though that the investigation is still ongoing and the department is not ruling anything out at this point.

Immediately after the incident occurred, a security guard called police who then quickly responded to the scene.

The driver remained at the site and received medical treatment for minor injuries. He was not taken into custody.

Veltkamp says that the investigation could end up being lengthy because it falls under the eye of both local and federal law enforcement.

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