The incidents that the Bozeman Police Department had to deal with this past Halloween weekend were, quite frankly, wild.

Sadly, Halloween is officially over, but the Bozeman Police Department is here to tell us how hectic the weekend was. According to the Bozeman Police, they received over 500 calls, which generated 93 cases. To put that into perspective, in 2021, only 47 cases were generated during Halloween weekend. 

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What were some of the highlights the Bozeman Police had to deal with this Halloween? Here are a few, as per a Facebook post by the police department themselves:

  • One officer attempted to arrest a female climbing a light pole downtown (what??), and a random bystander stepped in and started fighting the officer. Both the woman climbing the pole and the person who intervened were arrested for various crimes. Later, the person who intervened kicked a police officer in the chest, and was further charged.
  • Another man was stabbed and drove himself to the hospital, where he was asked about his injury. He simply replied, "I ain't no snitch," and provided no other cooperation. Well, at least he's not a snitch.
  • Three males got into a fight. At some point, one male pulled out a knife and started chasing the other two around, then eventually fled the scene. Spooky season, am I right?
  • In addition to calls about public urination, open containers, and fights, there were 11 DUIs, 19 crashes, and 21 parties busted. 

That is just a taste of what the Bozeman Police Department had to deal with this past weekend. 

Listen, I know Halloween is a time to let loose, dress up, and maybe get a little crazy, but we need to remember to be safe. We want everyone to have a great Halloween, but if someone is putting themselves or others in danger, that is not acceptable. 

Photo by Niu Niu via Unsplash
Photo by Niu Niu via Unsplash

We want to thank the Bozeman Police Department and all the other law enforcement agencies in the Gallatin Valley for keeping us safe. People tend to get wild during Halloween, the Fourth of July, New Year's Eve, and Cat-Griz games especially, and we know that while we're having fun, our law enforcement is out there working double-time.

We sure do appreciate those that do their best to keep us safe.

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