The use of body cams is good news for the Bozeman Police Department and for the Bozeman community.

We spoke with Bozeman Police Chief, Jim Veltkamp, about the new equipment and when they'll begin using the body worn cameras. The department is aiming for sometime in July, 2022. "Body Worn Camera (BWC) program."

This upgrade to the toolbox of our Bozeman officers comes with approval from all sides. In addition to the dashcams that have been standard in law enforcement vehicles for many years, body worn cameras will provide another layer of evidence. We all know there are three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth. It's always a great thing for police departments to have and use body cams. They simply protect the truth.

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Devices can be attached to various body areas, including the head, by helmet, glasses or other means, or to the body by pocket, badge or other means of attach­ment (such as in-car on the dash). They have the capability to record officer interactions that previously could only be captured by in-car or interview room camera systems.

(photo Bozeman Police Department)
(photo Bozeman Police Department)

There's a new online resource from the City of Bozeman to disperse information and details about major projects and initiatives such as the body cams. It's called Engage Bozeman. You'll also be able to leave feedback with this new website:

Engage Bozeman: a new City platform for learning, asking questions, and interacting about bigger City projects. There is also a section for FAQs on each topic that is posted there.

Also, the brand new Bozeman Public Safety Center on North Rouse is looking to be open and functional sometime this summer. A specific date has yet to be announced, simply to account for a few supply chain issues. But it's very exciting that this important community building will be open THIS SUMMER.

"In November 2018, Bozeman voters approved the sale of bonds to fund the construction of the Bozeman Public Safety Center.

The BPSC will be the new home of the Bozeman Police Department, Fire Station #1, Municipal Courts, Prosecution and Victim Services.

This new facility was planned to address the impacts of a rapidly growing community and sub-standard conditions at the current Law and Justice Center on South 19th Ave."

Don't forget about the Engage Bozeman website! This is going to be a very useful tool going forward with all major things happening in the City of Bozeman.

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