The Bozeman Police Department is always working hard to keep those living in our community safe.

The Bozeman Police Facebook released their Case of the Day and it's a wild one to say the least.

The Bozeman Police responded to an incident last Sunday about a disturbance involving a weapon. A bar employee called the Bozeman Police about a male that was outside armed with a compound bow and arrow.

According the report, the male was kicked out of the bar earlier in the day and returned later and proceeded to point the bow and arrow at the victim.

The Bozeman Police were quick to find the suspect, and arrested the individual on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Fortunately, no patrons or employees were injured.

Let's be thankful that the Bozeman Police Department were quick to the call and were able to find the suspect and arrest him before he could injure anyone in downtown Bozeman.

For more details and to see more Cases of the Day, check out the Bozeman Police Facebook page.

Credit:Bozeman Police Department via Facebook

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