Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and many people are already making plans to spend time with their families.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner always consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some sort of dessert. Some people prefer a slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream, while others may choose a warm slice of apple pie.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of pecan pie. In the past, I've tried making my own and was quick to learn that making a good pecan pie isn't easy. I discovered that Roost Fried Chicken in Bozeman made homemade pecan pie and pumpkin pie that you could order for the holidays, and I've been able to purchase them there for the past few years.

I recently called Roost to make an order for the holidays and was informed that pecan pie had been temporarily removed from its menu. The removal of pecan pie from the menu was due to staffing issues and a lack of employees, and the fact that making pecan pie takes quite a bit of prep. Pumpkin pie has been temporarily removed from the menu as well.

The worker shortage in Bozeman has forced many local restaurants to limit their hours of operation, opting only to be open for dinner. Some restaurants aren't currently offering an option to dine in, asking customers to order pickup instead. Hopefully, this isn't the new normal.

If you're looking for a place to order, the Three Forks Pie Lady is taking preorders through November 15 and pies must be picked up no later than November 24. If you're interested in ordering a pie for the holidays, it's best to get your order in as soon a possible. Pies must be paid for in advance. The order form with available pies is below. You can place your order by calling 406-285-4455 or you can place your order in person at the Iron Horse Cafe & Pie Shop in Three Forks.

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