A few places come to mind for rich places in Montana, but the number one spot is unbelievable.

When people think of expensive towns, they think of beautiful buildings, extravagant stores, and expensive cars rolling on the streets. You won't find much of that in Montana. Most of Montana is on regular streets filled with small businesses, and everyone is driving a truck or all-wheel drive vehicle.

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We found a list of the Richest Cities in Montana for 2023, and the number one city will blow your mind. The richest city in Montana is the hidden gem of Three Forks.

Photo by Sophie Van Luvanee via Unsplash
Photo by Sophie Van Luvanee via Unsplash

We know that doesn't make sense until you look at the statistics. Three Forks has a median home income of over $70K, and the poverty rate is around 7%. Three Forks has grown immensely over the past few years because folks realized they could buy a decent house and acreage for a great price compared to other towns in the Gallatin Valley.

When you go down the rest of the list, you might have questions about how they reached these numbers. Belgrade is #3, and Bozeman is #7. Small Montana towns like Shelby and Colstrip also landed on the list.

photo - Michelle Wolfe
photo - Michelle Wolfe

You might ask, why Big Sky aren't included on this list? Well, Big Sky technically isn't a city or town in Montana. Big Sky is trying to change that by incorporating it, but that will be a long process.

So we ponder, is Three Forks the richest town in Montana? That's up to you.

For more details, here are the Top 10 Richest Towns in Montana.

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