You caught this one too? It was stunning this morning. I'm thankful to this day that I'm still excited to catch an exceptional Bozeman sunrise. Those colors never get old.

Just for the record, although this isn't an award winning picture...I put ZERO filters or adjustments on it. This is what the sky looked like this morning with the camera on my phone. Didn't mess with it one bit.


Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

I love days like this when it seems that just about everyone in Montana is posting their sunrise view. What a great way to start a day...with your social media flooded with beauty.

The ideal conditions for a colorful sunrise are pretty simple. Some high clouds are your best friend. Clouds of any level will work but the HIGH CLOUDS allow for the oranges and red to show up. (Lower clouds can "block" those colors before they become visible.)

Puffy clouds (which we didn't have this morning) can also make for some serious color drama. As long as there's not too much cloud cover, those puffy clouds of various altitude will naturally give you a palette of colors.

Another tip...keep taking pictures every 10 - 15 seconds.

We've all witnessed how quickly a colorful sunrise (or sunset) can disappear. But give yourself the time to watch it all. More times than I can count, the colors have become even MORE vibrant than "that perfect pic" I just took. Don't be shy - you can always delete pictures later.

What a lovely problem to have. Enjoy your day!

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