Every now and then, we take a look at the 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist out of curiosity.

Within the past month, there have been quite a few missed connections that have been rather entertaining.

Check out some of the best Bozeman missed connections from the past month below.

Toga and Midoriya in Ross (Bozeman, MT)

Saw you cosplaying in Ross. Thought it was super cool. I’m a cosplayer too. Aizawa, Shinsou, Shoto, Midoriya, etc. And I’m working on a bakugou. Thought it would be cool to have more cosplay friends.


Costco Metallica (north bozeman)

You were blasting Metallica. I was having a rough day and I should of asked you if you wanted to grab a drink right then and there.


Lady at The Soup Bar (Livingston)

I highly doubt this will work, but might as well put it out there right? I saw you sitting alone at the soup bar this afternoon and I couldn't stop looking over at you. As you left, you walked by my table and gave me the most beautiful smile. I should have said something, but I was frozen in my tracks. If you see this, reply with a description of the moment we shared.


Sweet chilli Sat Night (Bozeman)

Saturday night Sweet Chilli. I was having dinner with my girl.

You where the beautiful Asian lady sitting across from me. We kept making eye contact most of the night. I could tell you wanted to say something to me as we saw each other in the back by the restrooms.

We were the last 2 groups that night in the restaurant. I was hoping you would say something or slip me your number as we walked out.

I doubt you'll ever see this! But if you do I would love to get to know you better.

Bearded Man (Bozeman)

Looking for a bearded guy I saw having drinks downtown. Your beard was thick and red. I’d love to spend time with you. Please send me a pic so I know it’s you. I’m the blonde woman that you kept smiling at.


Where the weebs at?

23F Socially awkward nerd here looking for other awkward nerds to befriend! The stranger the better imo, I'm trying to befriend people that I find relatable after all haha. Be sure to share your geeky interests/ hobbies if you decide to hmu!

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