Transplants and out-of-staters have been a hot topic in Montana lately. That's understandable due to the large number of new residents that have moved to Montana from other states.

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If you look at the state's population, it's clear to see that the population has been steadily growing over the past 30 years. The growth isn't anything new. People have been moving to Montana from different states for years. The fact is, the majority of Montana residents aren't from Montana originally.

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According to Macro Trends, here's a look at population growth in the state over the past 20 years.

Montana Population

  • 2002 - 911,667
  • 2012 - 1,004,168
  • 2022 - 1,122,867

I'm not denying that the rate of growth has increased in recent years. I'm just pointing out that it's been happening for a long time.

Is there a difference between a transplant that has been living in Montana for five years versus someone who has been here for decades? Some people seem to think so, but at the end of the day, they're still transplants in my opinion.

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You might say that I don't have a leg to stand on considering that I moved to Montana from Idaho in 2016. I didn't move here to ruin the state. Instead, I was offered a job and the opportunity to live in a place that I love. One thing is for certain though. I never claim to be a local. I'll proudly own the fact that my roots are in Idaho regardless of where in the country I end up living.

Can a Transplant Ever Become a Montana Local?

I've seen a lot of people on social media claim that they're not a transplant because they've lived in Montana for a long time.

I've been here 30 years and I'm a Montana local now.

Personally, If you weren't born in Montana, I don't think you can call yourself a local.

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What is the Definition of a Transplant?

According to Merriam-Webster, this is the definition of a transplant.

To remove from one place or context and settle or introduce elsewhere (or relocate).

My interpretation is that if you moved to Montana from another state, regardless of how long you've been here, you're still technically a transplant. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

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