As you get older Halloween can change but sometimes this holiday can bring out the inner kid.

Halloween is coming up quickly and a lot of people from parents to couples and single folks all are getting plans laid out for this weekend but they all are different. From dressing up to picking the perfect candy to give out to trick or treaters is very important.

When I was in my 20's I loved dressing up in crazy costumes. I love being scary creatures that unnerve people. Nowadays I like the simplicity of wearing just a onesie that is warm and easy to put on. It's all about comfort when you get older and I can't argue with that.

Also, when you are young you want the big candy bars during trick or treating and you always tell yourself you will give those out when you are older. Then you realize you have bills and the big candy bars cost money and you have to decide to be the cool house/apartment. I treat Halloween candy-like Christmas, you go all out and go big. So whoever comes to my door this year will enjoy those full-size Snicker bars because that's what Halloween is all about.

So how do you guys feel about Halloween? Are you guys still excited for the spooky season or do you tend to hold back? I would love to know where you stand, as long as you give out candy and not raisins, don't be that guy.


  • Nu 2 You at 431 North 7th Avenue in Bozeman
  • Sacs at 38 W. Mendenhall in Bozeman
  • Salvation Army at 425 E Babcock St in Bozeman
  • Rethink Thrift at 2630 West Main Ste 2 in Bozeman
  • Four Corners Thrift at 8256 Huffine Ln in Bozeman
  • Community Closet Thrift Store at 416 E Park St in Livingston


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