Hackers may have some of your personal info and already put it on the Dark Web. Yeah, it sounds like a commercial but a ton of popular sites have already been hacked in 2019.

I do subscribe to a monitoring service, so I received an email this morning. Not surprisingly, it was for a website I NEVER use but DID sign up to use a few years ago.

Life Lock email
Life Lock email

According to The Hacker News, dozens of popular websites have already been hacked so far in 2019 and data has been shared. That data could be anything from email addresses to social security numbers. It just depends on the website and the information you shared with them.

I find sites like MyHeritage getting breached especially worrisome. You're basically plugging in as much information about yourself AND your family members as you can to find out MORE about yourself and your family.

That's EXACTLY what hackers want. Please check your credit activity and any other security measures you might have in place if you have used any of the following websites (according to The Hacker News article):

  • Dubsmash — 162 million accounts
  • MyFitnessPal — 151 million accounts
  • MyHeritage — 92 million accounts
  • ShareThis — 41 million accounts
  • HauteLook — 28 million accounts
  • Animoto — 25 million accounts
  • EyeEm — 22 million accounts
  • 8fit — 20 million accounts
  • Whitepages — 18 million accounts
  • Fotolog — 16 million accounts
  • 500px — 15 million accounts
  • Armor Games — 11 million accounts
  • BookMate — 8 million accounts
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel — 6 million accounts
  • Artsy — 1 million accounts
  • DataCamp — 700,000 accounts
  • Houzz — 57 million accounts
  • YouNow — 40 million accounts
  • Ixigo — 18 million accounts
  • Stronghold Kingdoms — 5 million accounts
  • Roll20.net — 4 million accounts
  • Ge.tt — 1.83 million accounts
  • Petflow and Vbulletin forum — 1.5 million accounts
  • Coinmama (Cryptocurrency Exchange) — 420,000 accounts

Changing your passwords and deleting unnecessary accounts are always a good idea if you find yourself as a user of a website that has been breached. (They may not even notify you for MONTHS, so keep an eye on sites like The Hacker News too. They're a GREAT resource for bad guy online activity.)

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