Finding an available house or apartment to rent in Bozeman has become nearly impossible. When a place becomes available, it is usually rented out immediately. To add to the struggle, people are trying to scam hopeful renters.

People are trying to take advantage of the folks trying to find a place to rent in Bozeman. According to a statement from the Bozeman Police Department, officers have been receiving a lot of call about a rental scam that has been circulating in Bozeman.

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On some rental sites, people are offering places for rent in Bozeman sight-unseen. They are asking people to pay a security deposit and a month of rent prior to their actual arrival. Once people get to town, they find that the place isn't available for rent.

The Bozeman Police Department offered some advice for those looking to rent a place in Bozeman.

  • Do your research
  • Follow-up
  • If sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

It's never a good idea to rent a place sight-unseen. Don't agree to anything until you've actually seen the rental property, and don't give anyone your bank account information unless you're certain that a rental listing is legitimate. Many rental agencies and property management companies in Bozeman can help you find a place, although you may have to wait a while since inventory is so low.

Renting a place in Bozeman can definitely be a struggle, and scammers don't help at all. If you see a rental listing that looks suspicious, please contact the Bozeman Police Department.

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