Whether you like it or not, Montana has become a popular destination for newcomers. One of the places that has people have flocked to the most is Bozeman. The city has seen a lot of change in the past 20 years. Farmland has disappeared and has been replaced by subdivisions and commercial developments. What was once a charming small mountain town has become a place where the wealthy buy summer homes and vacation rentals.

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It's safe to say that Bozeman has been experiencing some major growing pains. The housing market can't keep up with the demand and the city boasts the highest home prices in the state. If you ask almost any person that has live in Bozeman for awhile, they'll tell you that Bozeman isn't what it used to be. Bumper stickers that say "Make Bozeman Montana Again" are a sentiment that many locals can relate to.

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If you're new to Bozeman, you may not realize how much it has changed. You may have heard people complaining about urban campers and the homeless population getting out of hand. 20 years ago, that wasn't an issue at all. However, that is just one of the many ways that Bozeman has changed.

Cindy Barnes
Cindy Barnes

We asked our listeners to share some of their favorite old-school memories of Bozeman, and we received a ton of great responses. Here are a few of our favorites.


Thanks to everyone that shared some of their favorite memories of Bozeman. Do you remember any of these things?

Morgan said,

4 corners ice rink. Ice Dog games out there were the best.

Bridget said,

The escalator at Chamber-Fishers and the little couch on the 2nd floor that looked over Main Street. Frontier Pies (I used to work there!)

Lisa said,

KOs... loved the parties there.

Tom said,

Driving across town in 10 minutes.

Kristina said,

Skate Palace.

MSU and Bozeman aerials, June 2014. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

What are some of your favorite memories of old-school Bozeman? Send us a message on our radio station app and let us know!

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