With lots of snowfall, cold temperatures AND street maintenance plowing snow off the streets, you may not be able to FIND the fire hydrant near your house anymore. Time to get out that shovel and get it done.

Having a fire hydrant near your residence is a blessing....you'll certainly be thankful it's there should the fire department ever need it.

(You can sometimes save money on your homeowner's or renter's insurance if there's a hydrant in close proximity to your residence!)

Take a few minutes this week to check the hydrants on your street. There's no way the City or Fire Department could get to them ALL even if was their job.

Forget the blame game and let's all admit we've received a ton of snow so far and hydrants are going to get buried.

An able bodied person can unbury one about 10 minutes. I'll bet you'll be happy to donate that 10 minutes when your house is on fire.....

Take good care and grab a shovel!

Fire Hydrant in the snow
Fire Hydrant in the snow

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