As someone who enjoys spending time in the backcountry, this is one of my biggest fears. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to get stuck in an avalanche, and I hope I never have to find out.

With all of the recent snow, avalanche danger in Montana is extremely high. It's important that you never venture into the backcountry alone. Always go with at least one other person.

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Snowmobiling in Montana is a popular pastime in Montana during the winter, but it can also be very dangerous. NBC Montana shared a video of a snowmobiler rider triggering an avalanche and getting buried. Fortunately, a fellow rider witnessed the incident and was able to act quickly and dig the buried snowmobiler out of the snow.

NBC Montana posted the following description of the video.

Thanks to John Sievers for sending in this video. Sievers got caught in a slide and his friend John Rubio dug him out and they both walked away from this avalanche south of Jackson Hole. Sievers said his avalanche bag did not deploy. STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

Just watching the video gives you the chills.

The video serves as a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings and never go out alone. Thankfully, both riders were able to walk away from the avalanche.

If you plan on snowmobiling or skiing in the backcountry, you need to check avalanche conditions before you go. The Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center is a great resource and avalanche conditions are updated on a regular basis. Right now, avalanche danger is moderate to considerable. For more information, visit the GNFAC website.

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