Ever heard of the Montana State Old-Time Fiddlers' Association? Me neither, but now I'm 100% interested and this weekend will be fiddle-riffic at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

So what's the deal? They're "keeping the fiddle spirit alive." It's the 2022 Montana State Fiddle Contest this Saturday and Sunday in Bozeman. Two big days of fiddle competition which I never knew we did around here...but I'm super glad it's happening.


Some of the most impressive musical events I've ever witnessed have involved some type of bluegrass or specifically a fiddle player. There's something completely moving about watching and listening to a talented fiddle player.

My appreciation of the fiddle was only sparked a few years back, when I met Megan Mullins. What a talent. But her playing prompted me to always sit back and watch fiddle players when I have the chance.

What's more wholesome than their mission statement? "The mission of this organization shall be the preservation and performance of traditional old-time acoustic fiddle music throughout Montana."

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  • WHAT: 2022 Montana State Fiddle Contest
  • WHEN: Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th, 2022
  • WHERE: Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Building 3
  • HOSTED BY: Montana State Old-Time Fiddlers' Association
  • Saturday August 27th
    8:00 AM Registration
    8:30 AM Judges Introduction and Meeting
    9:00 Am Contest Starts
    PeeWee Round 1, Jr. Jr. Round 1, Junior Round 1, Novice Round 1
  • Lunch Break
    1:00 PM Contest Resumes
    Adult Round 1, Senior Round 1, PeeWee Round 2, Jr. Jr. Round 2, Junior Round 2
  • Dinner Break
    6:30 PM. Judges Perform
  • 7:00 PM Contest Resumes
    PeeWee Finals, Jr.Jr. Finals, Junior Finals, Twin Fiddle Round 1, Entertainment Division, Championship Round 1
  • Awards for PeeWee, Jr.Jr, Junior, Entertainment and Novice
  • Sunday August 28th
    9:00 AM Contest Starts
    Adult Round 2, Senior Round 2, Picking Division, Champion Round 2, Gamblers Division, Picking Awards
  • Lunch Break
    1:00 Contest Resumes
    Adult Finals, Senior Finals, Twin Fiddle Round 2, Championship Finals

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