My street is losing the trash battle with the bears. But after (several beers) and several weeks of careful "trash-can-cat-and-mouse", we've come up with a potentially effective deterrent idea: Glitter bomb the trash cans and scare the hell out of the bears.

Hey, if it works on porch pirates who steal delivered packages why not a trash-loving bear?

I'm open to why this might be a terrible idea but we're sort of out of options. Our in-town street in Bozeman has been chock full of bears (or at least one VERY busy bear) for the last several weeks.

NOTE: Yes - our neighbors have done all the basics to deter bears. All birdfeeders were put away. Nobody is leaving food for their dogs or cats outside. Trash cans have been stored in garages until trash day and they do not get put out the evening before. (We've all learned our lesson with that.)

Trash days have become a thing riddled with anxiety, timing, and no avail. I swear the bear is waiting and watching around the side of the house on trash days for me to wheel out the blue COB trash bin.

Mind you, we've got this down to a science. Or so I thought. We leave very early for work, around 5:15am. Trash can be picked up as early as 7am but some days as late as 10am. More than once, I've received a text from my neighbor across the street at 7:05am that "we've been beared". Even though she's home all morning, not once has she SEEN the bear in the act, although they've been spotted many times during the week. What's a working person to do?

You may be familiar with Mark Rober who is the genius behind the ultimate porch pirate glitter bomb. If not, this is absolutely worth your time:

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