A devastating fire that ripped through businesses in Gardiner, Montana on Tuesday evening has resulted in at least 7 people that have lost everything. The individuals not only worked, but lived in Two Bit City. Their housing was in the building attached to the Two Bit Saloon.

Several businesses, including the Two Bit Saloon, Yellowstone Raft Company, Rosie's Pizza, Rosie's Bistro and Red’s Blue Goose Saloon were damaged in the fire. Officials say that the fire is the largest in Gardiner in decades.

A fundraiser was created to help victims who lived and worked in Two Bit City who have lost nearly all of their personal belongings. Damage from the fire and specific needs for victims are still being assessed. Additional fundraisers are currently being set up to help victims.

A fundraiser was created to replace clothes and personal items, and so far, has raised over $10,000. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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