So, I saw this on a flatbed truck this morning heading east out of Bozeman. The marquee on the front of the bus labeled itself as the "Hobo Hut". Their words, not mine.

Montana has become a hub for modified vehicles in the last few years. Buses, campers, vans, you name it. Do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike have created incredibly practical recreational vehicles, and some have created incredibly unusual recreational vehicles.

Have you seen this "Hobo Hut" modified bus? It appeared to be quite the project although I only got to see it stopped at an intersection for a minute. It was difficult to tell if someone is currently using it or if it's in a transition period.

The truck that was hauling it was no run of the mill tow truck. This bus was on it's way somewhere on purpose. I can't help but wonder where? Did someone buy it and it's headed off to a new home in a new town?

I'm hoping that someone that sees this picture and reads this story knows the deal with this bus. I'd love to know where it has been, who did the work, what are the future plans and adventures. Or, has it come to the end of it's life?

Given how difficult it is these days to acquire an old school bus for a reasonable price, I'm assuming there is more life to this bus's story.

If you know anything about this modified bus, please let us know. Who built it? Where is it going? Where has it been? Any details would be interesting to hear.

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