Montana is a gorgeous state full of endless opportunities when it comes to exploring. During the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been trying to get outdoors as often as possible.

I have spent a lot of time of the Yellowstone River. My roommate and I have walked many rock bars over the past two months. I always take my fishing rod with me, but the trips haven't been about just fishing. Much of it has been realizing how grateful I am to live in a place like Montana and call it home.

This time of year offers a lot of great opportunities to spot wildlife. I've seen elk, deer, turkeys, antelope, sand hill cranes, pheasant, bald eagles, and hawks to name a few. It's a good reminder that while life is not normal for many of us, you can still find a sense of normalcy in certain places.

I also enjoy rock hounding. Searching for cool rocks in Montana has definitely become a passion of mine. There are many places in Montana to find crystals, agates, petrified wood and more. Some places require you to have a permit. Here are some rules and regulations that you should abide by if you plan of doing any rock hounding or fossil hunting.

I have been following to Rockhounding Montana page on Facebook. If you're interested in rock hounding, the page is a great resource for identifying the many rocks and minerals that can be found in Montana.

Here's an example. I found what I thought was obsidian while out exploring. I posted a picture of it on the Rockhounding Montana page and found out it was just old worn melted glass. It still looks pretty cool though.

Jesse Ropelato
Jesse Ropelato

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