An intoxicated man was arrested following an encounter with a bison in Yellowstone National Park. Visitors in YNP are encouraged to keep a safe distance (At least 25 yards) from bison and other forms of wildlife.

Each year, there are several stories about encounters with wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Apparently, some people think of it as a glorified petting zoo. Unfortunately, some people have had to learn a valuable lesson after getting too close to wild animals while visiting the park.


Drunk Man Injured By Bison in Yellowstone National Park

According to a press release from Yellowstone National Park, 40-year-old, Clarence Yoder, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, approached a bison too closely (within 25 yards) on the afternoon of April 21, 2024, and was injured by the bison. The incident occured on West Entrance Road near Seven Mile Bridge.

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Park Rangers received a report of an individual that was harassing a herd of bison and had kicked a bison in the leg. Rangers were able to locate the suspect's vehicle, and pulled it over in West Yellowstone.

Clarence Yoder was arrested and charged with 1) being under the influence of alcohol to a degree that may endanger oneself, 2) disorderly conduct as to create or maintain a hazardous condition, 3) approaching wildlife, and 4) disturbing wildlife. The driver of the vehicle, 37-year-old McKenna Bass was also arrested and cited for 1) driving under the influence, 2) interference for failure to yield to emergency light activation, and 3) disturbing wildlife.

Park Ranger

Yoder reportedly sustained minor injuries from the bison encounter. Rangers transported Yoder to a nearby medical facility where he was medically evaluated, treated and released from medical care. He then was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center. Yoder has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Each violation can result in fines up to $5,000 and six months in jail.

This is the first reported incident of a visitor being injured by a bison in 2024.

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