Three high school boys may change the way we search for anything online. After winning a school hackathon competition, they used their $500 prize money to enter a tech convention showing off how their creation could change how we search online. Take that, Google!


I got a little competitive for these boys there for a second.


At 17-years old, Sahil, Stanley and Cavan are no newbies to coding - they've been doing it since 5th grade. Attending New York's TechDay with only a table, a white linen and a laptop, the high school students showed off their new "do engine" called Gevva.

Introducing from Sahil Gupta on Vimeo.


While many high school students are counting down the minutes to the end of the day, napping in class or stressing over what college to attend, these three boys have sealed their fate - success.



Read up on this search engine "do" engine before everyone else is. Do you think these boys are on to something?