If you or someone you know has been trying to buy a house in Bozeman lately, you've most likely realized that it's not an easy task. Honestly, even renting a home has become practically impossible for most people.

With the median home price in Bozeman and surrounding areas continuing to rise, the dream of home ownership doesn't seem to be getting any easier.

When a house gets listed for sale in Bozeman, it doesn't stay on the market long. In fact, most sellers receive multiple offers. When I purchased a home in Manhattan in 2018, there were multiple offers. One of which was a cash offer. At that point, my real estate agent told me that we should keep looking due to that fact that I was unable to compete with a cash offer. Fortunately, the cash offer fell through and my offer was accepted.

I understand that isn't the way things have been going for most hopeful home buyers in the Bozeman area. In February, a Bozeman business owner became so frustrated by the housing market that he stood on a street corner in downtown Bozeman with a sign practically begging for someone to sell him a house.

TikTok user The Johnson Files recently posted a video that hits pretty close to home if you've been trying to buy a house in Bozeman. Instead of houses, he uses an apple. A bidding was ensues before one man agrees to pay $120 for the apple, which is far more than it's worth.

The video offers an accurate portrayal of what trying to buy a house is like in Bozeman. Watch the video below.

@johnsonfilesAnybody else in this crazy fight for a home?? ##realestate ##housingmarket ##comedy ##funny ##realestatetiktok ##realestatehacks ##houseshopping ##fixerupper♬ original sound - The Johnson Files

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