The Lahood Park Steakhouse in Cardwell, Montana is a total loss after the building was consumed by flames early Thursday morning.

Britta Mabbott Oliverson, a teacher at Whitehall Elementary witnessed the building burning. According to a Facebook post, Oliverson wasn't able to sleep and decided to head into her workplace to get some work done. As she pulled out of her driveway, she noticed an orange glow around the corner. Upon further investigation, she realized that it was the Lahood Park Steakhouse that was burning. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Lahood Park first opened in 1928. The town of LaHood started as a stopping point for travellers and freighters that travelled between Butte and Madison County.

Thursday afternoon, Lahood Park Steakhouse shared the following message on its Facebook page.

LaHood was consumed by fire early this morning. Our hearts are so broken. It's such a tragic loss for Phil, our amazing LaHood family and our community. We will truly miss all of you and appreciate all the continued support over the years. LaHood was a gathering spot and a magnet for some of the most wonderful people, salt of the earth people you wouldn't find anywhere else and we made new friends every day. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet and get to know so many of you! It was such a labor of love and will be deeply missed in so many ways. Thank you all.

We are saddened by the loss of one of Montana's most iconic restaurants. Our thoughts and prayers got out to the owners, employees, and Cardwell community.

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