Who are the people that can afford these types of apartments? You know you can pass less and get a better place in some cities. 

We all know the housing market in the Gallatin Valley is one word ridiculous. Not many can afford any houses listed on the market, but what about renting? Depending on your budget, you will be looking to get roommates out the gate, but if you want to live alone, you will have to spend a lot to live in Bozeman. 

According to Apartments.com, there are three places in Bozeman where you could be spending close or over two grand to rent an apartment. First, there is the Black Olive Apartments that are close to the Bozeman Public Library. They have a one-bedroom/one-bath apartment that is just a little over 800 square feet at a whopping $2,300/month. Granted, that doesn't even include a parking space, you will need to pay extra for that. 

Then there are the Icon Apartments near Ferguson Farms. They currently have two one-bedroom apartments available between $1750 and $2200. These apartments are also tiny, around a paltry 762 square feet to 903 square feet. At least this complex allows dogs. That's rare in Bozeman.

So you have two options, either pony up the money to live alone in one of these fancy apartments or you can find another apartment and most likely have to find roommates. It's a tricky situation, but that's what we are dealing with here in Bozeman. Until the city fixes the current housing issues the prices are probably just going to rise. 

For more details, check out Apartments.com

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