Montana is full of iconic landmarks, and sadly, much of the state's history has vanished throughout the years. Growth and modernization have changed Montana and some places that were once loved by Montanans are long gone.

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Butte, Montana was once the 4th richest city in the world due to its lucrative mining industry. Butte is still a great city, but if you ask anyone that lives there, it's not what it once was. Butte isn't the only place in Montana that has changed. There are examples all over the state.

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One landmark in the state that closed to the public nearly 50 years ago, could possibly be making a return. Pictures of signs were shared over the weekend on the Big Timber Buzz Facebook page. Here's what the signs said.

Hot Hunter Springs Magnificent Mission Hotel NaturalHot Spring Spa. Rebuilding History...One Brick At a Time.

Hunter's Hot Springs Sign
Jessie Purdum

The original Hunter's Hot Springs was established in 1870. At first, a home was built on the site, and by the mid-1880s, a hotel had been built. The property has been sold multiple times and eventually closed to the public in 1974 because the owners weren't able to keep up with the labor it took to keep it operational. The springs were eventually capped, and there isn't much left of the hotel other than a few remaining foundations. A fascinating article about the history of Hunter's Hot Springs was published in Bozeman Magazine in 2018.

Is Hunter's Hot Springs Going to Reopen?

Jessie Purdum, a resident of Springdale shared pictures of signs posted along Convict Grade Rd. on the way to Lone Star Ranch north of town. We were given permission to share the following picture.

Hunter Sot Springs Sign
Jessie Purdum

We reached out to the Park County Planning Board for more information, but haven't received a response. Hunter's Hot Springs is located on private property owned by Lone Star Land & Cattle. We spoke to a representative at the ranch and were told that there are plans to rebuild the hotel and reopen the hot springs, but there's no definitive timeline.

The picture on the sign above is the original Mission Hotel. From our understanding, the plan is to rebuild the hotel using the original design. As of right now, details are limited, but the prospect of Hunter's Hot Springs reopening to the public is exciting, to say the least. We will keep you updated as more information become available.

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