My name is Elizabeth Porth and I'll be writing a post every couple of weeks on the MY103.5 site.  I work for HAVEN, the domestic violence shelter for Gallatin County. We provide a 24-hour confidential crisis line, 15-bed confidential shelter, legal advocacy, support groups, individual counseling, and education for school aged children about respect and healthy relationships.

I'll be keeping you in the loop with HAVEN happenings so that you can join Erin Phillips in supporting our organization! We'll also cover topics such as red flags for unhealthy relationships, characteristics of healthy relationships, how to help friends or family members who may need help, and how to talk to your kids about bullying, respect and eventually dating. Now and again we'll pull from the media or national news to bring you current debates or conversations about domestic violence beyond our community.

This is an issue that truly affects us all and it is happening in Bozeman. Last year we received 2,228 calls on our 24-hour crisis line. We housed women and children for a total of 1,179 nights in our emergency shelter. We hope that you can join our cause by educating yourself on the topic and talking with people around you.  Relationships are a very important part of all our lives so let's make sure that everyone in the Gallatin Valley can have the healthy and respectful relationships that they deserve.

Until next time,