You heard that right. 'Cow Cuddling' is one of the latest wellness trends people are using to reduce stress, loneliness, and anxiety.

Recently, Mallory from Mix 106 in Boise, Idaho wrote an article about the new 'Cow Cuddling' trend, and since we have so many cows in Montana, we felt it would be appropriate to share.

In Montana, some people like to hike to relieve stress. Personally, I find it relaxing to spend time near water, likes rivers or lakes. Now, people are trying to hug cows as a method to relieve stress.

While I'm all for hugging a cow, I'm not completely sold on the new wellness trend. According to a report in Country Living Magazine, 'Cow Cuddling' has been gaining popularity in the Netherlands where it is referred to as "koe knuffelen." Apparently, some folks in the Netherlands are hugging cows for 3 hours at a time.

Montana would be a great state or 'Cow Hugging' considering that there are more cows than there are people in the state. The only problem is, I don't think cattle owners in Montana would appreciate a bunch of strangers hugging their cows. You'd definitely want to get permission before attempting it. If a rancher witnessed someone out hugging cows in one of their fields, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it much.

According to research from BBC;

Our bodies produce oxytocin when we hug — also commonly known as the cuddle hormone — which helps us to feel relaxed. Thanks to a cow's soft thick fur, it's believed this hormone increases when we hug them.

The study also found that all cows do not like to be cuddled, and that finding a cow with the right temperament is important. The trend has already hit America. Guests at Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York can purchase a cow and horse cuddling therapy session for $75 an hour.

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