Good pools in the Bozeman area are hard to come by, and the indoor Bozeman Swim Center is closed for the 2024 Summer for additional renovations until mid-November. That means no recreational swimming, lessons, classes or rehab for months at the Swim Center. What happens now?

Under normal circumstances, the Swim Center, located on Main Street right next to Bozeman High School, is open year round. The facility is a vital part of the community as a 50 meter pool with eight lanes.

"Swim Center programs include water fitness and aerobics, lap swimming, recreation swimming, and open boating. The pool is outfitted with life jackets, recreation toys, and water fitness equipment to offer a variety of aquatic activities to the Bozeman community."

As far as another, year round indoor aquatic facility - the only other option is a membership to The Ridge Athletic Club. They have a fantastic, state-of-the-art club location on the west side of town, but again - that's a private, membership required option.

So what public swimming option do we have for the rest of the year? Bogert Pool, at Bogert park at 325 South Church Avenue. It's a nice, fun pool but it's small and outdoors - so it's obviously weather dependent. It's run by the Parks & Recreation department of the City of Bozeman.

Bogert Part in Bozeman, Montana 2024
City of Bozeman
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"Bogert Pool is an outdoor facility that has two unique swimming areas: a 25-yard pool ranging from 3.5- to 9-feet deep and a shallow pool with depths from 1-foot to 3-feet that are ideal for young children. The shallow pool is home to “Delaware the Duck,” a slide designed for small children. The deep pool has a climbing wall, small slide and zip line."

On Wednesday, June 12th, Bogert Pool is scheduled to be fully operational starting with scheduled lap swim, recreation swim, swim lessons and user groups. A full schedule will be online and at the pool on Monday, June 10th.

City of Bozeman - Facebook
City of Bozeman - Facebook

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