A Livingston resident is asking for help locating his pet pig, Ron Swineson.

Ryan Aspen, Ron Swineson's owner, is offering a reward for the safe return of his beloved pet pig. According to a post on Facebook, Aspen first noticed that Ron Swineson was missing at 9:30 p.m. Friday evening.


Since then, Aspen and others in the area have searched but have not had any success locating Ron Swineson. Over the weekend, roughly 30 people including friends, neighbors, and community members alike searched for Ron.

Aspen says that he is truly humbled, and offered a thank you for the messages of support and love, and for everything community members have done.

According to the Facebook post, Ron Swineson answers to his name or the sound of a bag of food shaking. A cash reward has been offered.


The information below was taken from a Facebook post by Livingston resident, Ryan Aspen.

Good Morning

I wish I could say Ron Swineson has been found or come home, but alas he has not...

Roughly 30 people over the past three days, friends, neighbors, and community members alike, have been looking for Ron, and I really am humbled...truly... THANK YOU for the messages of support and love, and for everything you've all done. LOVE.

I still truly believe in my heart, he wasn't stolen, nor was he attacked by any predator. The noise alone would wake up my close neighbors and at 300+lbs...Ron isn't going ANYWHERE he doesn't want to without ONE HELL of a fight...trust me, I know!

There have been no signs of tracks...no wallow spots or wide paths from him wandering...a scent dog picked up a trail then it disappeared...no sounds of distress or attack...JUST...VANISHED.

***There is a CASH REWARD.

***It is sizeable.

***No questions asked whatsoever...I just want him back...good or bad...

***If anyone has a drone, or some kind of aerial...something...I would love to have you out. By now he will be looking for, or at a spot with WATER.

*He disappeared Friday night around 9:30 pm.
*He answers to his name, in shaking a food bag.
*I live off Old Ranch Road and Prairie Dog Road...



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