The largest city in Park County and the proverbial gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Livingston, Montana is as beautiful as it is unique.

Long has it been a railroad town. Livingston is known for the constant wind and constant train horns, but this historic Montana town has transformed. Equally blue-collar and artsy, the city's history in Hollywood has influenced a modern artistic presence atop the historical railroad and industry bones that shaped Livingston over the last 150-plus years.

Halfway between Seattle and Minneapolis on the Northern Pacific Railway, Livingston became a stopover for long-distance travelers and shipping alike. Nowadays, the railroad tradition endures - Livingston is home to one of the largest railroad stations in the state, but its proximity to Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park has made it a convenient stopover for travelers along I-90. About half of Livingston's residents commute to Bozeman for work, but the majority of the city's economy depends on the tourism industry.

Livingston's public school district oversees five schools in the area: Washington Early Learning Center, Winans Elementary School, East Side Elementary School, Sleeping Giant Middle School, and Park High School.

Livingston residents enjoy a weekly farmer's market in the summer months as well as outdoor adventuring, fly fishing, and proximity to national forests and Yellowstone National Park. During winter, residents enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and one of the warmer winter climates in the state - but Livingston is also known for its wind, making any temperature feel dozens of degrees cooler and often disrupting interstate travel. Livingston has the 2nd highest average wind speed in the country, according to the Western Regional Climate Center.

Livingston Montana Quick Facts

Elevation: 4,501’

Population: 7,801 (2019 est.)

Zip Codes: 59047

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